Pace Count Beads

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The Ranger Pace Counter keeps an accurate pacecount day or night, no more tying knots! Attach the Ranger Pacecounter by passing the loops end through a button hole on your shirt, belt loop or other attachment point and pull the beaded end through the exposed loop. Pull both sets of beads as far up as possible.
After pacing off 100 meters, pull down the first bead from the line with nine. Continue this until all nine beads are down, marking 900 meters. After the next 100 meters pull down a bead from the line with four and reset the other nine beads. This marks 1 kilometer. When all the beads are pulled down you have reached 5 kilometers. Reset all beads and start again. With practice you can be sure of your pace count day or night.

  • Available in Desert Camo, Coyote Brown or Bright Orange. 

• Used to keep accurate pace count or distance walked
• Tracks up to 5,000 meters (3.1 miles) of recorded distance
• Works day or night
• Great for backpacking, camping, hiking, and adding to bug-out bag
• Made in USA