Trail Companion - Peruvian Walnut

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  • This product is made from high carbon steel. Proper preventive maintenance is required to prevent rust.

    The Trail Companion makes an excellent general use camp knife. The 4.5" blade makes it easy to baton and process wood for campfire kindling, backpack stoves or tent stoves. At 1/8" thick, it excels at simple carving tasks such as notches for pot hangers, deadfall traps, etc as well as food prep. Sharp 90° spine for use with ferro rod or processing tinder.

    • 1/8” 01 Tool Steel
    • Blade Length: Approx 4.5”
    • Overall Length: Approx 9.25”
    • Saber Grind
    • Satin Finish
    • Handle Material: Peruvian Walnut/Orange G10 Liners
    • Hardware: Brass
    • Does not include a sheath