Knife Options/FAQ

This page is to help answer questions about the knives we make and what is available to order.

  • Current lead times as of 9/22/2020
  • Lead times are an estimate and not a guaranteed deliver by date

All Knives (except in-stock knives)

Order books are currently closed
Badger Claw Outfitters Sheaths 5-7 Weeks
JRE Sheaths 3 Weeks



  • "Made to Orderknives are available in a limited number of handle materials, handle liners and hardware options. We offer a limited selection of custom one-off scales as well as standard, repeatable materials.
  • When a knife is finished that is not "Made to Order" it will made available and listed for sale in our store under "In-Stock Knives".


  • JRE sheaths - Shipping will be delayed until your sheath is received (This includes in-stock items).
  • Badger Claw Outfitter sheaths - Will typically be shipped directly from BCO, separate from the rest of your order. Please check lead time carefully. 



    How do I buy or order a knife?

    • We accept “Made to Order” orders with a selection of handle materials, liners and hardware options we have in stock. Also when a knife is finished and available, it will be listed for sale under "Ready to Ship" knives. Both can be found in our store.

    Do you take custom orders?

    • Yes and no. While we are not a full custom knife shop, we do offer a variety of customization options for our currently offered knife models. You can choose handle materials, liners, hardware and blade finish. However, if you want a complete custom knife of your own design or a recreation of Crocodile Dundee’s “That’s a Knife“, we’re probably not the right shop for you.
    Is full payment required to get on your order books?
    • Yes. Full payment is collected at the time of checkout.

    You're out of stock. Will you be making more?

    • Of course! We're always working on new inventory. 

    When will you have more?

    • As with any handmade item, it takes time to complete them. Availability will vary based on our current workload, which constantly changes, but we will do our best to have some new products available each week.

    Can I "reserve" a knife that you have coming available, before it is sold?

    • Unfortunately no. If we do this for one person we have to do it for everyone, and at that point it is just a pre-order. You just have to keep an eye on what's available and be the first person to buy it. The only way to truly "reserve" a knife is to purchase a "Made to Order" listing.

    Can you notify me when more are available?

    • It's just impossible to keep up with a "notify me" list and send individual messages to each person. The best way to be notified is to follow @maloneknives on Instagram. Be sure to turn on post notifications! You can also sign up for our mailing list.

    Do your knives come with a sheath?

    • We have found that a lot of people would prefer to have their own custom sheath made for their knives. Sheaths are generally not included as part of the knife purchase, but may be purchased separately.
    • PLEASE NOTE that we do not stock any sheaths. All sheaths are made to order by 3rd parties. If ordering a JRE sheath, shipping will be delayed until your sheath is received (Including in-stock items). Badger Claw Outfitter sheaths will usually be shipped directly from BCO, separate from the rest of your order. Please check lead times carefully. 
    What kind of steel do you use?
    • We are a small shop and prefer to keep processes in house when possible. Our current equipment only allows us to heat treat carbon steel. As a result we currently only offer high carbon steels, usually O1 Tool Steel or 1095.
    Do you ship to my country?
    • We currently are not able to offer worldwide shipping, but we do offer shipping to over 100 counties. When you checkout in our online store, it will notify you if we are not able ship to your country.
    How much is shipping?
    • Most orders are shipped through the US Postal Service. We offer free shipping in the Continental United States on orders over $100 and to Canada on orders over $250. Outside the Continental USA, rates will vary depending on what country we are shipping to. Calculated shipping costs are added to your order based upon your ship to address. These are the actual rates we are charged. If a different shipping method is preferred, please contact us and we will see what we can do.