Frequently asked questions


Badger Claw Outfitter sheaths - Orders are fulfilled by and will be shipped directly from BCO, separate from the rest of your order.

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery.

Contact with any questions. 

Most of our knives are cut by waterjet. We then grind, heat treat and finish each knife by hand. No two knives are exactly the same. We strive to put out the best product we can and will never intentionally allow a defective product to leave our shop. That being said, there may be minor imperfections on your handmade knife. Blemishes, uneven grind lines, wavy lines, tool markings, and etc are only surface blemishes and will not affect the performance of your knife. If an imperfection is present, it is not to be considered as a "manufacturer's defect".

We warranty our knives to be free of defects in workmanship for 1 year to the original owner. The knife must have been purchased directly from the Malone Knives website and you must provide your sales reciept and order number.

This warranty does not cover abuse or deliberate damage. (If you use your knife as a screwdriver, chisel, prybar etc, and break the tip off) We will however offer to repair the knife to best of our ability.

Please email us if you experience an issue or have any concerns.

As of October 2021 we have closed our waiting lists.

No. We do not accept full custom orders made to customer specifications.

Most of our knife models have "semi-custom" options available to choose from (you may choose from a list of handle materials, liner colors, hardware options and the option to add a sheath). Please note there is a 90 day lead time on Made To Order Knives.

Not likely. Our production is based on a variety of different factors including availability of materials, current workload and sometimes just our creative mood. Some knives you see on social media are made from one-off materials that we may never be able to find or get again.  As we complete these style of knives they will be listed under “Available Knives”. They are first come first served.

Seriously lol. Due to a variety of factors, including availability of materials, we are unable to accept these requests.

No. We no longer accept full custom orders. If a mistake happens during the making process, we have no way to replace your knife scales. Also, some materials just don’t work well as knife handles. 

Of course! New batches are always in the works.

We are NOT a large manufacturer, we are only 2 people in a small shop. Our knives are made one at a time by hand. As with any handmade item, it takes time to complete them. Availability will vary based on our current workload, which is always changing. Please check back often.

No. If we do this for one person we have to do it for everyone. In order to keep things fair for anyone wanting a knife, all blades are first come, first served. You just have to keep an eye on the listings and be the first one to buy it.

Knife blades are mostly made from O1, 1095, 80CRV2, and 8670 carbon steels. Occasionally other steels such as CPM154 or AEB-L are also used. There too many different materials to list them all here. Please check the description in each individual knife listing for a list of materials used on that particular knife.

No. Folding knives are an entirely different monster and we are just not setup to make them. Maybe in the future we will expand, but for now – fixed blade knives only.

Yes. We do not ship worldwide, however we do regularly ship to countries in The Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and others. We are not responsible for import taxes, customs fees or packages lost, stolen or confiscated during transit.

Please allow 2 business days for the order to be packaged and shipped. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding any major USA holidays. PLEASE NOTE that Made To Order Knives have a 90 day lead time.

Once your package has been handed off to the carrier, it is out of our control. Most packages to USA addresses arrive in 2-5 business days. International packages can take up to 3 weeks in some cases - it just depends on the import and customs procedures for your country.

We are based in the United States. Our shop is located in Texas.

Not currently. Unless otherwise stated in the listing, our knives do not come with sheaths. We leave sheath making to the experts. We have partnered with Badger Claw Outfitters and their handmade sheaths may be ordered through our website. There is no need to send them your knife as they have patterns for most of our regular knife models.

If you would prefer a different style sheath, you will need to seek out the vendor and style of your preference. You will likely need to send your knife to them.

For Kydex sheaths we recommend Tobacco Road Adventures.

With any high carbon steel, you can expect your blade to discolor over time. As it gets used, it will develop a natural patina which is a form of protective oxidation. Patina is natural and should not only be expected but embraced. It tells the story of where your knife has been and all the things it has done for you. The patina will also help protect it from rusting.

If you prepare food with your knife we recommend using Blade Balm or Red Eyed Hog B-Fat.
If you do not use your knife for food prep, 3-in-1 oil works nicely.